Better than Organic 
“Fox Family Farms produce is better than Organic!” 

In a world where everyone is jumping on the CERTIFIED ORGANIC BAND WAGON it seems that the term “Organic” may be a bit confusing to the consumer.

Your family is eating chemical sprays that the FDA has approved, so organic is not always good,better then conventional farming, but no where near as good as your local natural farmer.

At Fox Family Farm, we appreciate the fact that our customers know that the fruit and vegetables we grow for them are spray free “As Nature intended.”

When we made the decision in 2009, to stop using chemical pesticides and herbicides, on our family farm it was not a marketing decision. We did it because we witnessed first hand the harmful effect of chemical sprays, when Mrs.Fox became very ill from spraying their fruit trees. From that time on we wanted to keep your family healthy as well as ours.





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